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Why is Kuaishou Better Than Douyin For E-commerce Conversion & Social Engagement

Kuaishou and Douyin are the two largest short-video platforms in China. However, due to the difference in their audience demographics, the 2 platforms have evolved quite differently.

J-Beauty to become next big cosmetics trend - report

According to data and analytics company GlobalData, Japan had a higher per capita consumption of cosmetics and toiletries than its regional counterparts in 2018, and even beat the global rate by 3.8 units.

PayThink China can teach payment firms a lesson about Gen Z

They are in their early 20s, but are already changing the digital industry; they have never lived in a nondigital world; and they most recently outnumbered millennials worldwide, now making up 32% of the global population.

Second-hand shopping takes off on Chinese apps

Second-hand shopping takes off on Chinese apps