Global Blue’s expanding network of Lounges now spans several European cities and offers merchants the opportunity to create an immersive brand experience for VIP Globe Shoppers.

Nestled within the shopping districts of several European cities, including Milan, Rome and Madrid, Global Blue Lounges offer a personalised experience to VIP Globe Shoppers, giving them the opportunity to relax and refresh as they enjoy a superior refund service.

Flavio Gatti, head of digital product and commercial development at Global Blue, discusses how Global Blue Lounges provide a unique way for merchants to connect with high-value customers.

1. What added value do Global Blue Lounges offer affiliated merchants?

Global Blue Lounges are an extension of the luxury shopping experience and allow affiliated merchants to attract VIP customers when they are at the relevant destination and in close proximity to their local stores.

A unique proposition of the Lounges is that they provide an opportunity to connect with high-net-worth individuals in a specific and targeted manner; merchants can create bespoke brand content and product information to influence the shopping journey and increase in-store traffic from this traveller segment, and then measure the impact of their campaigns both with soft metrics (visitor numbers and demographics) and hard metrics (based on drive-to-store activations and sales in store data).

2. What are the current marketing displays and communication tools available to merchants in the Lounges?

The Global Blue Lounge is part of our marketing ecosystem and reflects the growing experiential marketing trend where consumers are fully immersed in a brand’s universe.

We provide brands with a canvas for bespoke content by offering the opportunity to sponsor a Lounge room fully dedicated to that single brand. There are also standard media solutions such as video streaming, interactive digital screens and other product displays. The real value of the Lounges lies in their unique environment where tailored brand stories can be created.

3. How is the success of the Global Blue Lounge partnerships with merchants measured?

The Lounges are involved in several aspects of the sales funnel, including awareness, purchase decision and after sales. As part of this, Global Blue is able to measure new leads, drive-to-store activations and conversions in-store, all based on a tracking system.

4. What’s next for Global Blue Lounges?

With openings in Munich, Paris, London and Barcelona planned throughout 2018, our main objective for the coming year is to continue expanding our Lounge presence, offering new marketing opportunities and content support to our merchants.

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