TikTok is the social media app of the moment and it shows no sign of letting up. Having started in China in 2016, where it is known domestically as Douyin, the app is now a global phenomenon and has huge followings in the USA, China and India in particular.

Providing a native environment for short videos, TikTok allows users to express themselves by creating and sharing entertaining videos, often by dancing, singing, or performing some kind of comedy. With a predominantly younger user base, TikTok is an ideal place for brands to find and communicate with Generation Z consumers.


Three brands getting TikTok right

1. Burberry
The sponsored hashtag challenge – #TBChallenge – invited users to recreate the new Thomas Burberry Monogram motif with their hands to unlock a new TikTok lens. 30,000 videos were uploaded with 57 million views.

2. Sephora
Maximising the benefits of TikTok’s features and special effects to showcase their products, Sephora delivers an array of engaging and entertaining videos from make-up tutorials to humorous influencer takeovers.

3. Celine
Celine disrupted celebrity endorsement when it cast 18-year-old TikTok creator Noen Eubanks as the face of its newest campaign in December 2019. Eubanks has 7 million followers on TikTok and became internet-famous for his eccentric style and funny lip-sync videos.