The APAC region is a conglomerate of different nationalities each of them displaying their very own shopping characteristics and with different spending powers.

Unsurprisingly, for years now, Chinese travellers have been the region’s most prolific shoppers, if only their sheer number. On the same level, several nationalities have been displaying the same double digits Tax Free ShoppingA number of countries offer VAT/GST refunds to international... More (TFS) growth and represent the garrison of the APAC region’s TFS performance. Yet, a few nationalities’ performance should be highlighted in 2018. Vietnamese for example, whose national GDP growth is boosting outbound flux to neighboring countries and shopping abroad.

Global Blue has produced exclusive reports on the region’s TFS 2018 performance, giving you the lowdown on the best performing nationalities, the new destinations and latest shopping trends.

The following report looks at the movers, shakers and doers of the region’s TFS performance in 2018.

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