Welcome to The World Shopping Hub.


Our mission

The World Shopping Hub was born from the desire to help international stakeholders from the retail and tourism industries better understand the ever-changing shopping trends and travel flux impacting their businesses.

This is the place where you will find regional and market performances as well as Globe Shoppers’ – the international travellers shopping abroad – behavioural travelling and shopping trends. The World Shopping Hub is also the place to get the latest news on worldwide payment and retail innovations.

Throughout the blog you will also find deep dive analysis around country activities for example, whitepapers written about specific regions, exclusive interviews with insiders from the retail and tourism industry or videos guiding you throughout a specific service.

Why us?

The World Shopping Hub is powered by Global Blue.

As the inventor of the Tax Free Shopping (TFS) service some 40 years ago and today’s worldwide market leader, Global Blue is today present in 52 countries throughout the world.

What is TFS?

To encourage spending, governments renounce to the taxation of goods purchased by international visitors. TFS enables these Globe Shoppers to reclaim the tax on the purchases they take with them at the end of their trip, providing a good incentive for them to spend more in store.

Everyday, we have at heart to enhance Globe Shoppers’ TFS experience. Thanks to the data collected throughout the entire TFS journey (where and who purchased what), we are able to provide our partners with a high-level view of the retail industry performance and examine these results thanks to best in class analysis tools.